86400live - Eighty Six Thousand Four Hundred

86400 - Eighty Six Thousand Four Hundred

About us

The total number of seconds in a day, which is 86400 is a reminder of the continuity of life.

Each day offers a new beginning and reminds us of the transient nature of life. Inspired by this philosophical idea, we turned every second of a day into a work of art, immortalizing each moment.

The resulting 86400 NFT art pieces will be stored on the Polygon blokchain network, offering you a chance to own a piece of time.

At our NFT project, we have created 86,400 unique pieces of artwork, each representing a specific moment in a day. For example, artwork number 1865 represents the moment of 14:26:32 in a day.

We believe that every moment in life is important, and that is why we have chosen 86,400 seconds, or one day, as the theme of our NFT project.

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This is your time

22:40:43 - 81644

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This is your time

23:22:09 - 84130


Eighty Six Thousand Four Hundred


How it all started

NFT Creation and Sale


The 86400live Art Collection has been developed. On March 18th, all 86400live art pieces will be put up for sale to their respective owners. Secondary sales of the collection will be launched on OpenSea. The collection will be promoted through social media and other channels, with a focus on brand building.

Copyright and Secondary Sales


We will create a royalty payment system for 86400live NFT owners based on the secondary sales of their NFTs, fairly distributing revenues within the 86400live NFT community.

Trade and Partnerships


We will create designs for 86400live-themed products, such as t-shirts, cups, and other items, and share revenue models to distribute profits within the 86400live community. Partnerships will be established with relevant companies in the industry to promote the NFT collection and products and take branding steps.

Web3 Portal


A Web3-supported portal will be developed for the 86400live community. 86400live users will be able to interact with NFTs and with each other through the portal. We will use the portal to communicate updates and news about the 86400live NFT collection, raffles, products, and partnerships.

Popular 86400live

Timeless Vistas, Captured in a Single Second

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11:40:08 - 42009

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15:00:59 - 54060

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16:47:48 - 60469

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20:06:39 - 72400


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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

The aim is to create 86400live-themed designs for products such as t-shirts, mugs, and other items, and to share the resulting revenue with the 86400live community. In addition, partnerships with relevant companies will be established to promote the NFT collection and products.
Yes, creating a strong brand identity will be a key focus of the project, and marketing efforts will be directed toward achieving this goal.
Each second of the 86400 seconds in a day has a unique artwork created as an NFT.
As a holder of the 86400live NFTs, you receive exclusive access to experiences, events, intellectual property licensing opportunities, and more, as you collectively explore the boundaries of Web3.
The selling price is 0.01 MATIC. (Symbolic fee was set based on a day having 24 hours)
You can purchase up to 60 NFTs per wallet. (This limit was set based on there being 60 seconds in a minute.)
The 86400live NFT Collection is a unique series of art pieces that represent the 86,400 seconds of each day, capturing the essence of each moment as they transform into captivating human forms.
To participate in the 86400live NFT Collection, you will need to follow the project's instructions, usually involving having a digital wallet and acquiring the NFTs through a marketplace or platform that supports the collection.

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